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Making Music & More

is a full service music education resource serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania, offering opportunities for all ages with private music instruction and customized workshops in music and the arts and more. 

Teach In Harmony


Making Music & More 

features private music instruction for all ages, from preschool to retirement, in piano, voice, guitar, drums and more, all in the comfort of your home.

The Future Sounds Good


Making Music & More

offers performances throughout the year in the form of family recitals and community service concerts at senior centers.

Starting to learn a new song for the hol
  Fern Flicker 
Director’s Notes 


Fern Flicker, Director of Making Music & More, strives to enrich people's lives through music. Music is the gift that keeps giving, and Fern is thankful she can be a part of a person's love of this art. Fern specializes in teaching beginner to intermediate piano, and is the driving force behind Making Music & More's organization and continued growth into new music communities. Fern received a B.S. in Education from Temple University and has over 25 years teaching experience.

Musical Notes

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